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After a soul-sucking internship in an industry I hated, burning $20k on a failed startup, almost losing my relationship, shutting down my first marketing agency, letting go of amazing people, working for a "rocketship" with incredible demand, growing a podcast into 1M+ downloads with no help... I've had to unlearn a thing or two about myself, marketing, and business in general.

Here are 25 of my unlearned beliefs that helped me become a better human/marketer:

Unlearned Belief #1: Funnels

❌ You can easily make more money by optimizing your funnel. It’s basic maths!!

βœ… You can't create customers from thin air. The maths might look good, but the reality begs to differ.

Unlearned Belief #2: Feedback

❌ All feedback is created equal.

βœ… Most feedback is either useless or dangerous.

Unlearned Belief #3: Loyalty

❌ You can make customers more loyal.

βœ… You may be able to make customers purchase more frequently, but you can't make anyone more loyal.

Unlearned Belief #4: Elon Musk

❌ Elon Musk is a genius.

βœ… Elon Musk is a Grade-A moron.

Unlearned Belief #5: Hard Thing

❌ Do that hard thing when you feel ready.

βœ… You'll never feel ready. So do that thing.

Unlearned Belief #6: Control

❌ Thriving businesses have everything under control.

βœ… Every business is super chaotic behind the scenes.

Unlearned Belief #7: Repetition

❌ Don't repeat yourself, or your audience will get bored.

βœ… Find 1,000 ways to say the exact same thing. People will love you for it.

Unlearned Belief #8: Sticking

❌ Sticking to something for one year is as easy as sticking to something for one week.

βœ… Sticking to something for one year is exponentially harder than sticking to something for a week.

Unlearned Belief #9: New

❌ Creating something means coming up with something new from start to finish (or you're an imposter).

βœ… Nothing is new. Everything is a remix.

Unlearned Belief #10: Writing

❌ Writing is not for me.

βœ… I'm a damn good writer; it just depends on what I need to write (and for whom).

Unlearned Belief #11: Demand

❌ No one is doing what I’m doing!! That's great!!

βœ… No one is doing what I’m doing!! Shit, there’s probably no demand.

Unlearned Belief #12: Dream

❌ Running a VC-led startup is the ultimate dream.

βœ… Being free to say and do whatever the f*ck I want is the ultimate dream.

Unlearned Belief #13: Pain

❌ People buy when they're in pain.

βœ… People buy because specific trigger events trigger them to do so. (You can be in pain for 15 years with a back problem and never go to the physio.)


I'll send you the other twelve tomorrow.



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