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Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hey, Liam here.

Whilst Louis was out taking Roger for a walk, I managed to sneak into his Convertkit account to talk shit about him.

Over the past month, I've spent about 50+ hours reviewing everything he shared over the past seven years.

Everyone Hates Marketers, guesting on other podcasts, meetups, the newsletter, LinkedIn…

All in pursuit of figuring out his secret sauce.

Because he's got a lot of what I'd love:

  • A 3.5-day working week
  • $200,000 revenue
  • A newsletter list of 14,000 adoring subscribers
  • All with the freedom to be himself

And he'd have you believe it's because he Stands The F*ck Out. I mean true, there is no one else like him out there.

But he's bullshitting. There's something else.

He's got this bizarre combination that makes him unforgettable.

And Louis is too modest to tell you himself, but he is a genuine thought leader.

Which, for people who don't know him like we do, can be hard to believe. I mean, what kind of thought leader regularly posts pictures of himself in LinkedIn comments like this:

Doesn't look like a thought leader or the guy I first discovered seven years ago: what a sweet, innocent (and a little nervous) Frenchman he was on his podcast with Seth Godin.

And whilst he likes to share the transition of River Island suit to Fight The Bullshit T-Shirt as a positive transition, it's not true.

That Louis Grenier in the suit captures an underlying part of the thought leadership brand he has today.

And, on top of The Strand The F*ck Out punk stuff, this additional ingredient is what gives the middle finger substance.

So, if you want to read this deep-dive case study I put together, mapping out the path Louis took to become the kind of thought leader who can speak freely in public, just as he would amongst friends, AND simultaneously maintain an aura of deep expertise…

Here it is:

Anyway, the hyena's laughing outside, which means he's probably spotted Louis coming back.

I'm out of here.


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