I make 2x what I used to... | STFO 🤘

I'm making 2x more than I've EVER made working in-house, and yet

- I work between 20h and 30h a week
- spend more time with my daughter than anyone else
- never work on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- don't have a KPI tracking sheet
- spend just 10% of my time with clients (90% on marketing the business)
- have no Notion content calendar
- don't have a coach or a personal assistant
- don't post on Twitter
- have no complex funnels
- say whatever I want
- don't run experiments
- sell without using proposals
- am far away from Inbox 0
- have no idea how I'm going to end this post just yet
- haven't read a new business book in months
- post here when I feel like it
- don't journal every morning
- don't start my day with a double espresso
- do one thing at a time
- don't block time in my calendar
- check LinkedIn way too often
- forget to reply to potential leads (sometimes)
- don't have a Facebook community (I used to have one but I didn't like it)
- don't use Zapier
- don't read morning news
- don't have email/social media/work apps on my phone
- own a sh*tty cracked iPhone SE
- don't use Slack

Yes, yes, I could do way more and earn way more cash.

But right now, at this very moment, this is what works for my soul... You know?

So please ignore the "rules." Pay attention to what makes you happy. Work 14h/day if it's your jam. Or journal 3x/day. Or set up super-advanced funnels.

You do you.