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Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

After yesterday's peek at the rebrand's before and after (check it out here if you missed it), today we're tackling the why.

→ Reason #1: Because I want to have fun

Since last year, I've made a pact with myself: prioritize fun. The old brand didn’t spark as much joy as it used to. I'm not a single, 20-something wantrepreneur anymore.

I'm a contrarian at heart, so finding something that others are too afraid to do is what feeds my soul.

→ Reason #2: Because Stand The F*ck Out is taking over

My journey started with the podcast Everyone Hates Marketers in 2017, but it’s grown way beyond.

I used the term "Stand The F*ck Out" for the first time two years after, when I introduced a 8-week program to a small group of 14 early adopters. And then, I noticed folks using the phrase to describe the idea of taking calculated risks and having fun. So I've doubled down on it (by re-positioning this very newsletter, for example).

And now, Stand The F*ck Out is the brand (and Everyone Hates Marketers is the podcast under that umbrella).

→ Reason #3: Because I practice what I preach

After over 1,000 hours of research, I've distilled a process that's truly for the rest of us—backed by science, focusing on human behavior, and, above all else, honest. And, of course, I called it the Stand The F*ck Out Methodology.

Part II of the framework is about, you guessed it, building a distinctive brand.

One of my favorite things to teach is to help people double down or take advantage of MEANINGLESS brand assets—instead of trying to attach meaning to everything.

For example, my signature "Bonjour bonjour" has nothing to do with what I do for work. But it's highly distinctive.

I wanted to do more.

→ Reason #4: Because I don't want to intimidate "my" people

I didn’t rebrand because I was sick of my current identity. Or because I was secretly jealous of someone else's. Or because I thought it might “fix” my sales.

Early 2023, I doubled down on personal coaching. Why? To go back to basics and "reconnect" with my people. I learned something that started this entire project.

Some clients hesitated to reach out because they thought I'd be too harsh with them; That's the vibe I was giving. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "So what? You can't please everyone!" And you'd be right... Until you learn that my best clients *are* struggling with low confidence. They feel very overwhelmed by marketing bullsh*t. They feel like they're drowning in it.

They do want to be challenged but not yelled at.

So, I shifted my overall vibe from pure hate/anger to more goofiness/sarcasm. Because that's who I am.

Okay, that's it for today.

Feel free to head over to the website if you’re curious and see the rebrand come to life. I'll be sharing more deets tomorrow.



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